eBET Gaming Systems

eBet supplies a wide range of products, including member loyalty software and tracking systems, cashless gaming systems with both mag-stripe and smart-card technology and back-office productivity tools for pubs, clubs and casinos.

The division’s member loyalty programs, gaming rewards programs and cashless gaming systems are innovative, easy to use and flexible enough for gaming venues of all sizes, including multiple venues under common management. They allow the venue to offer players extra services and promotional features such as gaming loyalty programs that encourage loyalty and repeat visits.

eBET’s systems also offer venues a range of benefits, including management and compulsory government reports.

The division also develops and markets a range of specialist data analysis programs for the Australian gaming machine market. Its systems enable EGM operators to analyse gaming machine performance, manage membership databases, HR and payroll functions.

The combination of a global network of commercial partners, a dedicated staff of industry experts and the recently acquired gaming CRM company called Bounty, make eBet Australia’s most advanced electronic gaming systems specialist.